Monday, June 12, 2017

KEDB - Kauai Energy Conference, Monday June 19, 2017

Taking advantage of panelists and speakers arriving next week to participate in the VERGE Hawaii 2017:  Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit in Honolulu, the Kauai EconomicDevelopment Board (KEDB) is holding its energy conference on Monday, June 19 at the Kauai Marriott.  To address how businesses are and can adapt to a low-carbon future, the conference's theme is “Educate, Collaborate and Accelerate” and will focus on recent developments in clean energy and energy efficiency on Kauai and throughout Hawaii to help mitigate the challenge of climate change and its impact on our environment and economy.

The KEDB conference could not have been more timely.  With Trump's announcement to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, the burden to take on the global challenge of climate change will fall on the shoulders of state, county and city governments and business leadership.

Why should you attend?  The three-track conference (see page 2 of the link) has something for everyone:

The Energy Savings Track:  The objective of this track is to p
rovide practical information to aid a business owner or manager in making informed decisions to achieve energy cost savings.  Brush up on the latest opportunities to reduce energy usage to help your bottom line. Learn how do your use detailed energy consumption data to create savings.  Get an opportunity to talk to the experts in this 

Clean Transportation:   Get into the discussion on how can Kauai move to clean, low carbon fuels for ground transportation? Is there demand for electric vehicles and infrastructure?  Is the future near for more car sharing and autonomous vehicles? Are there cost-effective and affordable clean fuel choices for heavy duty vehicles and equipment like buses and trucks? What kinds of partnerships are required to accelerate the adoption of clean fuel options?

Low Carbon Future:  Learn how Hawaii's major fossil fuel using sectors, electricity, ground and air transportation sectors are currently working towards a low-carbon future.  Discuss with energy expert KateGordon on how we can ensure that our visitor
based economy continues to thrive in a low carbon future? Knowing that change is on the horizon, what opportunities exist to improve our longterm performance and simultaneously help our community prosper?

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